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Cuéllar Arquitectura del Mármol, S.L.  is a company with more than 50 years experience which specialises in projects for singular buildings in natural stone.

We inherited a long tradition from master stonemasons able to build architectural wonders such as the Alhambra of Granada, Cuellar’s brand name is because of Mr. Antonio Cuéllar, an artesian master trained within the most classic school of craftworks in natural stone. Some decades ago, he undertook an uninterrupted process for modernization without giving up the artesian work quality. This provided a new point of view on stone treatment and above all, techniques that have been in use over the years which have made the Cuellar brand name a  synonymous for quality in marble architecture.

The company took a definite impulse at the end of the 90’s when Diego Martínez Cano joined us. He joined the company’s shareholders and was in charge of the strategic company management. This is the way Cuellar internationalization starts and its expansion into new markets. A firm commitment to  global quality which has resulted in being one of the leading companies in the sector of natural stone.

Historia Cuellar

Historia Cuellar

The company stands out for developing comprehensive projects which forms the mayor part of our activity including design, stone transformation, work execution and installation.

Historia Cuellar

Cuéllar is shareholdered by Grupo Cosentino and at present it is a referent company for public spaces, sacred art and luxury houses in natural stone. Cuellar’s strong point is its capacity to use any type of material and develop extremely complex projects.

Patents And Certifications

The construction system with stones stands out as it allows for wider lights, by using metal pieces as skeleton but with the appearance of being suspended in stone.

In addition, specific techniques have been developed for the making of modular baths in appealing designs.

Patentes y certificaciones

Organization structure

We have a large technical department which is formed by architects, technical architects, civil engineers, industrial engineers, designers and decorators who are able to solve any technical problem offering the best solutions.

Estructura Organizativa

Design, stone transformation, work execution and installation.


Cuellar’s Research and Development and Innovation Department is developing a system for cornice anchorage, water-based surface treatments for each stone used in the  projects which do not yellow in the course of time.

ISO 9000ISO 9001

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June 26, 2017
Cuellar keeps investing resources in the world of interior design and decoration in natura...

Machinery Investment

March 15, 2017
Facing new international challenges we have made an investment in upgrading our machinery

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