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Marti & Deba as partner of Cuellar Arquitectura del Marmol is a Company exclusively dedicated to offering the Turn Key Projects for International Projects having branches in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Dubai

Each project needs its own way of being developed with its detailed study.

We offer you, as end user, the possibility of benefiting from our long experience as professionals in the Industry of Natural Stones, acquired through many years and many successful projects, which are, in the end, the best guarantee for any good work. We confer each Project its own peculiar identity and our aim is to meet the increasing demand for Natural Stone as decorative element, both for exteriors and interiors.

A perfect knowledge of the Natural Stones properties is an absolute must for the design of any viable Project and the achievement of satisfactory solutions. Our company is specialized in developing and executing holistic projects.

As our clients occupy the highest market segment, we offer the very best products and services that we personalize in order to suit the most demanding requirement levels.

For us, fast decision making and efficiency are the backbone of any steps leading to the shaping of a Project. Teamwork is the key to our successful control over the different processes.

State-of-the-art technology helps us reach the best solutions to achieve our projects.

We are backed by the best professional team, perfectly able to solve any technical issues and bring about the best possible solutions.

Being able to solve this kind of technical situations is a must for us. We are able to work in all the phases of the project, from taking concrete measurements with the scanner, developing all the shop drawings and the cutting tickets, producing all of the materials and its installation on site.

The finishing of the project according its schedule is our priority, making us to give our best work daily.

The quality controls put in place at every stage leading to the execution of a project allow us to guarantee the highest possible quality, from its design to its completion.

Marti & Deba is much more than a stone company, all our effort is focused on each individual project until we get to the best result.

Marti & Deba’s experience and know-how is passed onto each project, and allows the execution in stone of even huge one-off works, whatever their size, complexity or geographical location.

We get our support from three key factors: our deep knowledge of stones, our technology and design, and our human capital and capacity to innovate.

Because we work fast on developing and executing our projects, we can give our clients an exclusive service and therefore assure their loyalty.

The careful study and analysis of the physical, mechanical and chemical characteristics of the selected raw material, combined with the right choice of the corresponding transformation technologies, constitute the basis upon which our technicians determine both the techniques to be used in order to carry out the client’s wishes, and the most suitable cut for any particular material.

Our market advisers can readily obtain any technical solutions that best fits the needs of each concrete project, solve any constructive issues and, if need be, bring about alternatives to the initial design.

Our technical team conveys the client’s specific requirements to the production unit, and the best processes are selected to evaluate both the time that will be needed to complete the project and the kind of raw material that needs to be used.

Both the experience and the know-how of Marti & Deba are poured into every single project and confers it a clear plus-value, thanks to our peculiar knowledge of natural stones. All our achievements are simply unique and outstanding. At Marti & Deba, we analyze each project as if it were unique, and we execute it using the newest concepts available to the industry and the experience we have been acquiring over the past 20 years.

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March 15, 2017
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