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June 26, 2017


Cuellar keeps investing resources in the world of interior design and decoration in natural stone

Cuellar approaches its 60 years in the world of natural stone processing with the same hard-working spirit, meticulous and energetic, in an ongoing search for the excellency, always pursuit in every work.

In this context, Cuellar keeps investing resources in the world of interior design and natural stone decoration, trying to harness a booming sector and appears to have no limits.

Natural Stone is per se a noble material, resistant and environmentally friendly. Besides, it has a richness that no other material has: the passing of time gives it a stronger personality which adds a value to the project.

From years gone, natural stone has been the preferred material to use indoors, either in floorings, walls or even as part of furniture and décor.

The fact of being a natural material, makes of each produced piece unique, since that even within the same block, nature draws different patterns. Its exclusive character is always insured. If we take into account the different finishes and shapes one can apply, the creative possibilities of this material are infinite.

Talking in particular of marble, it can be considered the noble material amongst the noble materials. Its versatility, a myriad of varieties and carving possibilities of impressive detail, makes it the best friend of the interior designer: what the designer dreams, in Cuellar we can make it come true. We have high tech machinery to create the boldest shapes and master craftsmen hands to endow the detail and refined finishing.

Solo or combined with other materials such as Wood or crystal, marble is the right option to create a luxury environment, cozy and full of personality. Its different colors and textures can be chosen, used and harmonized with lightning to get the intended ambience for each of the rooms designed.

Refuges of the daily bustle, bathrooms are more than just a place of short passage for daily hygiene. Being the space where the intimacy is respected as an undisputed value, they allow us a temporary alienation of the exterior. The atmosphere natural stone creates, with countless textures, colors and shades it’s inimitable and capable of adapt to the personality and state of mind desired: force of nature combined with the elegance of design.

One of the star used for natural stone is the one for Onys or Alabaster, as back-lightning panels, either in vertical cladding, bar tops, pedestals, tables, benches, etc.

The most impressive is that, thanks to the designers mind combined with the experience of our specialists, there can be created decoration elements or interior coatings with visual characteristics of delicacy, movement, textile, organic… Qualifier adjectives that for starting don’t look appropriate to describe a stone.

A stone block can be carefully studied, anticipating each and every cut to be made, so that we can take advantage of the possibilities of its natural veins design, squeezing its cubic meters. It works as a reinterpretation of the original and age-old draw of Mother Nature. If, on the other hand, we are talking about a more homogeneous stone, the shapes in which it can be manufactured are of an almost unlimited liberty, being that their volumes, negatives, and textures will generate by themselves its expressive potential.

Have you ever thought about opening your doors to natural stone? With our productive capacity, we can materialize your boldest thoughts. Put us to the test and create the most original and exclusive projects.

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June 26, 2017
Cuellar keeps investing resources in the world of interior design and decoration in natura...

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